Soiree Food Catering

Deli Sharing Platters – Sample Menus

At Soiree Food Catering we believe food should be a sociable occasion, so what could be better than sharing one (or more!) of our delicious deli sharing platters. Enjoy them as a stand-alone or as an addition to our other menus – the only thing we ask is that you have a minimum of 6 people sharing.

  • Meat deli sharing platter – a selection of cold deli meats, from Parma ham, Salami, Chorizo, pate, gammon ham, sundried tomatoes, olives and fresh bread basket with fruit and salad garnish
  • Meze deli sharing platter – Humus, tzatziki and taramasalata dips, served with, crudities and homemade Pitta chips and soft dipping bread
  • Fish deli sharing platter – smoked salmon, king prawn, mackerel pate. Boiled egg, watercress (seasonal.) lemon wedges, bread selection and salad garnish
  • Cheese Board – enjoy a selection of cheeses, chutney, fruit, bread and crackers
  • Fresh fruit deli sharing platter – best of the season, served on skewers

Meat platter – £8.00 per person

Meze platter – £4.50 per person

Fish platter – £7.00 per person

Cheese board – £6.00 per person

Fresh Fruit platter – £2.80 per person